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Sharing Text Between CLI and GUI clipboard

For blind programmers using text editors like Vim, the command line is in most cases the most convenient work environment on GNU/Linux. On the other hand, some tasks are not possible on a virtual tty, like for instance, browsing complex web pages. The only alternative is to constantly switch …

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GladTeX — embed LaTeX-quality equations in HTML

A few months ago I searched for a solution to embed equations in HTML together with the LaTeX-equation in the alt-tag (alternative text). This allows blind people to read documents with equations together with their sighted colleagues. Pandoc finally gave me a hint, since it supports conversion from Markdown to …

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GPG — Value The Privacy Of Your E-Mail

GPG is a widely unknown encryption and signing service for electronic mail. Its features can be handy: you can safely deliver banking information via e-mail when using GPG or verify the authenticity of the sender of a message. I wil describe the basic setup for a GPG key, GPG configuration …

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Accessibility In Android

Finally I got my hands on a Samsung smartphone and tried out the accessibility provided with Talkback on an Android 4.2.2. I want to give a short overview what is already working and what not. Fortunately, I cannot (and don't want!) compare the accessibility to the other big …

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Encodings In CGI Scripts Using Python3

As some might have noticed, I have rewritten my internal blog handling to make the appearance more uniform with the general web site design and to allow comments in the future. Since I now have switched „full-time” to Python 3.x, I had some real problems with encodings in Python3-CGI …

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uTeXer: replace (math) Unicode

When I am reading scientific papers or technical books, I'm often stumbling over formulas. Since I'm using a screen reader, I can't read (in most cases) the Unicode signs and therefore they must be corrected (transcribed into LaTeX commands) by someone else. Another annoying thing are the ligatures produced by …

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Chroot At Boot Time

I wanted to experiment with more up-to-date software while preserving my stable working environment. Of course a frequent desire. Therefore I build a Debian unstable chroot and tried to get X running. But I didn't want to run chroot manually. In this article, I want to show you how I …

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Activities In Debian

In the last months, quite a few changes went into Debian, especially because Wheezy will be released soon. At this point a short overview about activities from me or about things which I've translated in the Wiki and are noteworthy to mention.

  1. accessibility of the graphical login manager (GDM3)
  2. brailleUtils …
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Scanning And Recognizing Text On The Console

The usual problem seems to be that there are a lot of tools which do the job, but the available front ends don't fulfil the personal requirements. Look at the current scanning front ends:

  • XSANE does not use Tesseract / Cuneiform (as OCR back-ends) by default which are the best (where …
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Virtualisation With Braille And Speech

I keep translating the Debian wiki page about accessibility into German. This helps me following the latest accessibility developments within the project. This way, I recently learned about accessible virtualization, which I am going to introduce here.

I already knew about the -curses option for QEMU/KVM to start a …

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