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When I am reading scientific papers or technical books, I'm often stumbling over formulas. Since I'm using a screen reader, I can't read (in most cases) the Unicode signs and therefore they must be corrected (transcribed into LaTeX commands) by someone else. Another annoying thing are the ligatures produced by LaTeX, found in a lot of PDF's, because they can't be read by speech synthesizers.

The solution is simple but yet it seems to me that I was the first to implement that way. I have written a little Python script which uses the Unicode table from the W3C (which also ships LaTeX signs!) which replaces the occurring Unicode sequences into LaTeX / removes Latin ligatures.

Since the taste of people which LaTeX command to use is quite different, I also added customization capabilities to override (or even add) new Unicode points.

You can have a look at the project page or check out the source using:

git clone

Have fun!