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Debian Jessie On A Lenovo Yoga 700

The Lenovo Yoga 700 is a laptop with a 360° rotatable touch display and comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. This article is split into two parts. The first part walks through the installation and set up of Debian Jessie GNU/Linux on this machine and what needs to be done …

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Activities In Debian

In the last months, quite a few changes went into Debian, especially because Wheezy will be released soon. At this point a short overview about activities from me or about things which I've translated in the Wiki and are noteworthy to mention.

  1. accessibility of the graphical login manager (GDM3)
  2. brailleUtils …
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AccessODF now in Debian (and Ubuntu)

I now have packaged another program for Debian (and for Ubuntu), which will eventually tripple down into the next release: AccessODF. The web site describes it as follows:

AccessODF is an extension that can be used in Writer and in LibreOffice Writer. It enables authors to find and …

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