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In the last months, quite a few changes went into Debian, especially because Wheezy will be released soon. At this point a short overview about activities from me or about things which I've translated in the Wiki and are noteworthy to mention.

  1. accessibility of the graphical login manager (GDM3)
  2. brailleUtils 1.2.1 in Debian Unstable
  3. Debian FreeDict team is being founded
  4. Notes for accessibility of java

Accessibility Of The Graphical Login Manager GDM3

It was already documented in the Debian Wiki that GDM3 would have no support for Orca. This was due to the switch to GNOME3. Luckily a new version of GDM was uploaded just in time, where the problem has been fixed.

brailleUtils 1.2.1 in Debian Unstable

I have packaged the latest version of [brailleUtils](, a utility to print braille with braille embossers from the command line. This release brings the following changes:

  • support for new printers
  • there is now a separate package named brailleutils which makes the example-front-end of brailleUtils available as a command (using a shell script).
  • I have written a manual page for brailleUtils, since there was none yet in the project.

Therefore one can now print quite easily braille texts from the command line.

Debian FreeDict Team Being founded

A short while ago, I have started to found a Debian team. There is already a Wiki page and an IRC Channel: #debian-freedict on Helping hands are of course wanted!

Accessibility Of Java

In the Debian Wiki was just documented what is needed to achieve accessibility for graphical java interfaces (like those of Swing). One just needs to install libatk-wrapper-java and then uncomment the following line in /etc/java-6-openjdk/ (for java 6, else adjust the path):