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Rust On L4re — Safe Language Meets Safe Microkernel

I have started working on a port of Rust to L4Re, Fiasco.OC or simply to the L4 variant of the TU Dresden. It's a third-generation microkernel with many nice features, most notably strong safety guarantees through complete isolation of components and virtualisation of processes, but it lacks Rust support …

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ISOlang - Efficient Language Code Handling In Rust

When working with texts in different languages, the reliable identification of them is problematic, because of conflicting standards. For instance, Wikipedia uses ISO 639-1 codes (with two letters) and FreeDict uses three-letter codes from the ISO 639-3 standard. Converting between those can be tedious and retrieving an English name even …

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Submit Useful Bugreports With Back Traces

Sometimes applications simply crash and then it's often hard to submit a useful bug report to get the issue resolved quickly. This article walks through the steps to get a meaningful backtrace, which can be submitted along with a bug report. It is meant as a gentle introduction to debugging …

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git-hub — A Command-line Interface To GitHub

GitHub is a very useful platform to host free and open source software. For Git users who use the command line for managing their repositories, it can be much quicker to use the command line to also manage their development issues. This article introduces git-hub, a really useful utility to …

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Encodings In CGI Scripts Using Python3

As some might have noticed, I have rewritten my internal blog handling to make the appearance more uniform with the general web site design and to allow comments in the future. Since I now have switched „full-time” to Python 3.x, I had some real problems with encodings in Python3-CGI …

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Chroot At Boot Time

I wanted to experiment with more up-to-date software while preserving my stable working environment. Of course a frequent desire. Therefore I build a Debian unstable chroot and tried to get X running. But I didn't want to run chroot manually. In this article, I want to show you how I …

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Virtualisation With Braille And Speech

I keep translating the Debian wiki page about accessibility into German. This helps me following the latest accessibility developments within the project. This way, I recently learned about accessible virtualization, which I am going to introduce here.

I already knew about the -curses option for QEMU/KVM to start a …

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