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Own Radio Stream With Icecast

I like to listen my music everywhere where I want:wq , not only at the computer . My smart phone has not enough space for all my music and anyway, I don't like to keep the music on my notebooks and my smart phone synchronized. Therefore a own streaming server is …

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Tunneling Ports Behind NAT over SSH

It can be useful to make a service from your machine available for others, might it be a http server, a game server or even a icecast streaming server. Unfortunately the pain called NAT can prohibit that sometimes. The simple solution is to forward the port from your local machine …

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Notes In LaTeX Made Easy

I'm nearly writing everything in LaTeX, this ranges from letters to scientific works over taking notes. Yes, taking notes can be easy even with LaTeX, which I now want to explain. The idea behind is that I like to take notes when reading a scientific book to remember later on …

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Braille-accessible output of Gnuplot

There is no easy way for blind people to have a quick look at a mathematical function or at a data plot of measurements. All available solutions rely on sighted assistance.

Recently, I had to plot some measurement data that I had taken from an oscilloscope. It was dissatisfactory to …

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AccessODF now in Debian (and Ubuntu)

I now have packaged another program for Debian (and for Ubuntu), which will eventually tripple down into the next release: AccessODF. The web site describes it as follows:

AccessODF is an extension that can be used in Writer and in LibreOffice Writer. It enables authors to find and …

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