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GladTeX 0.6 — A Modern Rewrite Of GladTeX In Python

i have just released GladTeX 0.6, a maths preprocessor for HTML documents. In this article, I will introduce the new features of GladTeX and will give practical examples on how to use GladTeX, i.e. to render MarkDown files with formulas.


GladTeX is a preprocessor for HTML files …

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GladTeX — embed LaTeX-quality equations in HTML

A few months ago I searched for a solution to embed equations in HTML together with the LaTeX-equation in the alt-tag (alternative text). This allows blind people to read documents with equations together with their sighted colleagues. Pandoc finally gave me a hint, since it supports conversion from Markdown to …

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Notes In LaTeX Made Easy

I'm nearly writing everything in LaTeX, this ranges from letters to scientific works over taking notes. Yes, taking notes can be easy even with LaTeX, which I now want to explain. The idea behind is that I like to take notes when reading a scientific book to remember later on …

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