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I now have packaged another program for Debian (and for Ubuntu), which will eventually tripple down into the next release: AccessODF. The web site describes it as follows:

AccessODF is an extension that can be used in Writer and in LibreOffice Writer. It enables authors to find and repair accessibility issues in their documents, i.e. issues that make their documents difficult or even impossible to read for people with disabilities.

But such a tool is only handy if you can install it easily; in Debian, use your favorite program to install the package accessodf. E. g. type:

apt-get install accessodf

Odt2braille ( depends on AccessODF in order to perform checks on the document before converting to braille. So this helps you also to write your documents correctly in the first place, if you want to emboss it later in braille. And there's another handy thing: if you plan to export your ODF file later to a PDF, you'll probably get a bit more accessible PDF too.