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Rust On L4re — Safe Language Meets Safe Microkernel

I have started working on a port of Rust to L4Re, Fiasco.OC or simply to the L4 variant of the TU Dresden. It's a third-generation microkernel with many nice features, most notably strong safety guarantees through complete isolation of components and virtualisation of processes, but it lacks Rust support …

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ISOlang - Efficient Language Code Handling In Rust

When working with texts in different languages, the reliable identification of them is problematic, because of conflicting standards. For instance, Wikipedia uses ISO 639-1 codes (with two letters) and FreeDict uses three-letter codes from the ISO 639-3 standard. Converting between those can be tedious and retrieving an English name even …

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Submit Useful Bugreports With Back Traces

Sometimes applications simply crash and then it's often hard to submit a useful bug report to get the issue resolved quickly. This article walks through the steps to get a meaningful backtrace, which can be submitted along with a bug report. It is meant as a gentle introduction to debugging …

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git-hub — A Command-line Interface To GitHub

GitHub is a very useful platform to host free and open source software. For Git users who use the command line for managing their repositories, it can be much quicker to use the command line to also manage their development issues. This article introduces git-hub, a really useful utility to …

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Debian Jessie On A Lenovo Yoga 700

The Lenovo Yoga 700 is a laptop with a 360° rotatable touch display and comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. This article is split into two parts. The first part walks through the installation and set up of Debian Jessie GNU/Linux on this machine and what needs to be done …

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GladTeX 0.6 — A Modern Rewrite Of GladTeX In Python

i have just released GladTeX 0.6, a maths preprocessor for HTML documents. In this article, I will introduce the new features of GladTeX and will give practical examples on how to use GladTeX, i.e. to render MarkDown files with formulas.


GladTeX is a preprocessor for HTML files …

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Mate — An Accessible Alternative To GNOME 3

I am generally no friend of continuing "dead" technology, as GNOME 2 was termed. I payed little attention to the rumors that Mate, a GNOME 2 fork, was under active development. Since in recent Debian Unstable, the GNOME Shell accessibility experience is very poor and GNOME-shell seems to have a …

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Sharing Text Between CLI and GUI clipboard

For blind programmers using text editors like Vim, the command line is in most cases the most convenient work environment on GNU/Linux. On the other hand, some tasks are not possible on a virtual tty, like for instance, browsing complex web pages. The only alternative is to constantly switch …

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GladTeX — embed LaTeX-quality equations in HTML

A few months ago I searched for a solution to embed equations in HTML together with the LaTeX-equation in the alt-tag (alternative text). This allows blind people to read documents with equations together with their sighted colleagues. Pandoc finally gave me a hint, since it supports conversion from Markdown to …

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