My Software Projects

This page lists software projects, which I maintain and develop myself and which are not part of a bigger project (like FreeDict or Debian).

  • GladTeX is a program to convert LaTeX formulas from HTML files into images and to link them automatically. Formulas are embedded in <eq>...</eq> tags. Additionally the formulas are included as alternative text in the target document to be displayed in text browsers or for blind users. It can also convert formulas from MarkDown documents into images usingg Pandoc and link those in the resulting HTML document.
  • Programming Language: Python
  • License: LGPL-3
  • A little helper to translate unicode signs like mathematical special signs or Latin ligatures from PDF and HTML into their LaTeX equivalent. With that, you can, even with visual impairment, read formulas easily.
  • Programming Language: Python
  • License: GPL v3 and later