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Debian — the universal operating system” that's at least how the project calls itself. Debian runs indeed on routers, netbooks, desktop boxes, tablets and on embedded systems. On these sites I just want to mark some aspects of Debian where I'm involved. In the future there will maybe some articles about usage, most probably recycled blog articles.


Currently, I maintain two packages and translate the translation wiki pages into German.

The packages I maintain:

Both are program/plugin and java library.

Furthermore I translate the article about accessibility in Debian into german. There are tips how to use Debian with visual impairment. Some examples:

Debian FreeDict team

I have founded the Debian FreeDict Team because the old packages in Debian (and Ubuntu!) were massively outdated.

Our Wiki-Seite gives an overview over the current status of the packaging, which has just been started. The aim is to provide an easy build process to allow frequently updated packages.

If you are interested in languages, have XSLT-skills, or you just want to help — please contact us, best on the FreeDict mailing list.

Further sites

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